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Record Stores

Burnt Toast Vinyl cd releases are exclusively distributed by Redeye in the US.
Our releases are available at the following stores (and more):
Independent Stores:
AKA Music, Philadelphia, PA
Albums on the Hill, Boulder, CO
Amoeba Records, Hollywood, CA
Amoeba Records, San Francisco, CA
B-Side CDs, Madison, WI
Benway, Venice, CA
Birdland, Virginia Beach, VA
Buffalo Records, Ventura, WA
Bull Moose, Portland, ME
Cactus Music And Video, Houston, TX
CD Central, Lexington, KY
Compact Disc Store, Baton Rouge, LA
Co-op Records, Clinton, IA
Criminal Records, Atlanta, GA
Crow's Nest, Cresthill, IL
Culture Clash, Toledo, OH
Dearborn Music, Dearborn, MI
Dimple Records, Sacramento, CA
Disc Exchange, Knoxville, TN
Ear X-Tacy, Louisville, KY
Earshot Music, Greenville, SC
Easy Street Records, Seattle, WA
Everyday Music, Portland, OR
Fat, Black, and Circular, East Lansing, MI
Finder's Records and Tapes, Bowling Green, OH
Fingerprints, Long Beach, CA
Gate City Noise, Greensboro, NC
Grimey's, Nashville, TN
Homer's Records, Omaha, NE
Independent Records, Colarado Springs/Denver, CO
Indy CD and Vinyl, Indianapolis, IN
Insound, online
J & R Music World, New York, NY
Jack's Music Shoppe, Red Bank, NJ
Kim's, New York, NY
Landlocked Music, Bloomington, IN
Lou's Records, Encinitas, CA
Love Garden Sounds, Lawrence, CA
Lunchbox, Charlotte, NC
Mad Platter, Riverside, CA
Melody Record Shop, Washington, DC
Music Millenium, Portland, OR
Music Saves, Cleveland, OH
Newbury Comics, Boston, MA
Other Music, New York, NY
Oz Music, Tuscaloosa, AL
Park Avenue CDs, Orlando, FL
Permanent Records, Brooklyn, NY
Plan 9 HQ, Richmond, VA
Pure Pop Records, Williston, VT
Rasputin's, Berkeley, CA
Reckless Records, Chicago, IL
Record Archive, Rochester, NY
Repo Records, Philadelphia, PA
Rhino Records, Los Angeles, CA
Salzer's, Ventura, CA
Schuler Books & Music, Grand Rapids, MI
Silver Platters, Bellevue, WA
Sonic Boom Records, Seattle, WA
Spaceboy, Philadelphia, PA
Stinkweeds, Phoenix, AZ
Transcontinent Record Sales, Buffalo, NY
Twist & Shout, Denver, CO
Underground Sounds, Chelsea, MI
Very Distro, Philadelphia, PA
Village Green Records, Muncie, IN
Vintage Vinyl, St. Louis, MO
Von's Records, Lafayette, IN
Waterloo Records, Austin, TX
Wax Trax, Denver, CO
Zia Records, Phoenix/Tempe, AZ

National Chains:
Borders Books And Music
Virgin Megastore

Mail Order

Send check or money order payable to Burnt Toast Vinyl or well-hidden cash to:
Burnt Toast Vinyl
P.O. Box 42188
Philadelphia, PA 19101
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